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"The greatest wealth is health"



All About YogaFit & Spa

Rose Thomas Founder of YogaFit & Spa.
has been studying and practicing the art, science, and philosophies of yoga since 2014. She also has been serving as a fitness Instructor for 20 years. It's truly her privilege to share these areas of yoga and fitness in a private, personalized setting (or via Zoom) with my clients. I would honored to be part of your Wellness Journey! just scroll down a bit to see the offerings I have to share  with you.


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



A Little More About Me

Rose has been a top Yoga and Fitness  Instructor in the area of Livingston NJ since 2014. Using my extensive understanding of the human body and

mind, She aims to bring relaxation and mobility to the body, giving you added strength and flexibility you never thought you had.

The yoga path is endless - it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.


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